Sanya Kangte Palace Hotel

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Standard rooms 500/No breakfast N/A N/A 257/No breakfast 271/1 breakfast 285/2 breakfast 290/No breakfast 305/1 breakfast 320/2 breakfast 274/No breakfast 288/1 breakfast 302/2 breakfast Available
豪华大床房 500/No breakfast N/A N/A 285/No breakfast 298/1 breakfast 312/2 breakfast 320/No breakfast 335/1 breakfast 351/2 breakfast 302/No breakfast 317/1 breakfast 331/2 breakfast Available
Executive suite 1800/No breakfast N/A N/A 1148/No breakfast 1148/1 breakfast 1148/2 breakfast 1292/No breakfast 1292/1 breakfast 1292/2 breakfast 1220/No breakfast 1220/1 breakfast 1220/2 breakfast Available
特色双床房 500/No breakfast N/A N/A 346/No breakfast 346/1 breakfast 346/2 breakfast 389/No breakfast 389/1 breakfast 389/2 breakfast 367/No breakfast 367/1 breakfast 367/2 breakfast Available
行政大床房 500/No breakfast N/A N/A 298/No breakfast 312/1 breakfast 325/2 breakfast 335/No breakfast 351/1 breakfast 366/2 breakfast 317/No breakfast 331/1 breakfast 346/2 breakfast Available
行政双床房 500/No breakfast N/A N/A 271/No breakfast 285/1 breakfast 298/2 breakfast 305/No breakfast 320/1 breakfast 335/2 breakfast 288/No breakfast 302/1 breakfast 317/2 breakfast Available
DELUXE SUITE 1800/No breakfast N/A N/A 1964/No breakfast 1964/1 breakfast 1964/2 breakfast 2210/No breakfast 2210/1 breakfast 2210/2 breakfast 2087/No breakfast 2087/1 breakfast 2088/2 breakfast Available

Hotel Info

Have all kinds of comfortable rooms, and equipped with Chinese and western restaurants, tea, red wine, coffee, let the guests enjoy gourmet tour.


Sanya Fenghuang international airport 8 kilometers about 20 yuan for about 15 minutes by taxi to the hotel.


Phone: 0898-88203777


Zip: 100000

Address: Sanya Fenghuang road no. 220


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5Points 房间很大,出行也很方便。性价比很高

[Reviewed: 2018-03-14 17:16:16]

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