Maple Palace Hotel Management Introduction

Company culture

1. Simple core culture --- love everybody, love yourself, love hotel, love guest

--- give up first, after get, blessed to lose

2. Perfect management concept --- Specifications, standards, procedures, group

3. Professional business concept --- people-oriented, sincerity more important, guest first, wisdom as the core

4. Excellent service consciousness --- quality is the first, service is more important

5. A sound regulatory system --- rule-based

6. Fair employment concept --- doubt employee never use, employee never doubt

Future business planning

First company for culture, second company for brand, the third company for quality, our object is do more hotels ,and make the to be the best hotel chain.

Maple palace strategic objectives

15 years, the company will plan the listing and financing, more power to more than 50 foreign investment management, foreign expansion of high Stars Hotel and apartments. And create a world with Chinese characteristics of hotel management brand.