Maple VIP membership

Privileges one,room

This Ordinance as part of a series of the Palace Hotel and membership agreement. This ordinance for the Palace Hotel management company's VIP membership.

The following terms meanings:

"Guests": the members came with their friend which is the member of Maple Palace Hotel.

"Charges": means the member should cost according the rate table applicable fees.

"Maple Palace Hotel management company's products": refers to the Maple Palace Hotel management company's series of all hotel services, including indoor and outdoor venues and service spaces.

"Membership": refers to the member under this Ordinance shall be entitled to the rights and obligations of the members.

"Membership card": refers to the Maple Palace Hotel VIP granted to prove its membership card

"The rights and interests of the members": refers to the maple VIP will for members to provide preferential, preferential discount, combination, bargain and other rights and interests.

"Maple VIP facilities": refers to the series of hotel by the Maple Palace Hotel management company's operations including the spa, dining, guest room, meeting, fitness and entertainment facilities

Membership application and fees

Of all charges by the series of Maple Palace Hotel management company through public facilities distribution of brochures, or in public information that any right of media (including but not limited to e-mail or Internet) release, charges any changes are specified in the notice from the date of.

Unless other specified or local law requires otherwise, monetary unit in charge of RMB.

Maple VIP will retain independent audit rights, have the right to refuse approval, new application and continuance of any membership, without giving any reason. Maple VIP on the issues such as decision is final.

Membership application must also pay all charges to the applicable currencies, where a fee not neat application will not be approved.

Such as membership application is rejected, the amount has been paid will be no interest refund.

Notice of approval membership Maple VIP will apply in writing, 3 days after the entry into force on membership to notice from the date of.

Membership is valid from the date for one (1) year, except in accordance with the terms of the early termination, to the starting day of the year to expire, but allowed to continue or maple VIP except other books set.

Membership period, all the members' personal information changes should be immediately notify in writing the maple leaf vip.

Membership card

Membership application is approved can be received by the Maple Palace Hotel management company under the membership card; such as membership card transfer other people use will be terminating the membership

Membership card for the property of maple VIP, and terminates in membership period to maple VIP.

Membership card will be the series of Maple Palace Hotel management company's through the mail or other effective way to send to the member.

Membership card is lost, should be in twenty-four (24) series of hotel hours written notice within Palace Hotel management company. In the meantime, the consumption amount of membership cards produced and all losses, the people responsible for the lost card. Maple Leaf VIP operator does not bear any responsibility. In some cases, series of hotel Palace Hotel management company have the right to request the lost membership cards in such case showing police report, lost series hotel membership card written confirmation and other Palace Hotel management company may be asked to provide information. Such as lost membership card who fails to comply with the above rules, a maple leaf VIP will terminate its membership.

To apply for a replacement card will be charged the cost of 80 Yuan.

Membership termination

According to the judgment Maple Palace Hotel management company under the members who have the following acts, Maple Palace Hotel management company's retained refused to members with its separate decisions (including its guests) inside, right away, or to terminate its membership:

Engage in criminal behavior in each place where we management company.

Do any improper or against public morality in all of our hotels.

Can not obey our ordinance, or any of the terms and regulations.

Aggressive words and deeds of our hotel management company's staff or other members and / or guest;

Failure to pay the full Maple VIP will occur because of its membership fees or due to Maple Palace management company's hotel facilities fee or any other fee.

Termination of membership in any case, including for violating the membership regulations 9, 12 or 14, will not refund any fees paid.

Such as membership expires or is terminated, members enjoy all the rights will be termination immediate.

Membership expires or is terminated does not affect the maple VIP any arrears for the payment to the expiration or termination of the day before, including but not limited to any expenses arising from the right.

The rights and interests of membership

membership by card to enjoy the rights conferred by the maple VIP membership

In compliance with the regulations of 23, 24, and use the spa, dining, commodity purchase, rooms, fitness, swimming pool or recreational facilities premise conditions and the relevant rules and regulations.

If no other expresses that, strictly prohibit transferring the membership interests.

Any time to modify, suspend or terminate all or part of the rights granted membership can do it just only by maple VIP membership.

In order to enjoy the right, when the VIP member come to any of our hotel, please show you membership card, it is convenience to calculate the integral reward, otherwise we are sorry to tell you that you can not get the same rights.


Guest use the facility of our any hotel, need to according the reception capacity, at the same time, you need to pay.

We can refuse any guest without any reason.

Responsibilities and obligations of membership

Each of the membership need to supervisor your friend obey all the regulations of our hotels.

All the membership has the responsibility to peer personnel, including any cost.

Members and their guests such as in the hotel area stay any injury or accident need medical care (in the series of hotel Palace Hotel management company's employees or representatives of the judgment), the hotel should represent the membership and / or guests seeking medical care.

Maple Palace Hotel and resort to all of its products to the members and / or guests seeking or related costs, the occurrence of medical treatment or care expenses, losses or claims shall not be responsible for, all such fees, expenses, losses or claims by the members themselves.

If a member or guests damage any facilities, equipment or property, the members should pay the full necessary repair and update cost. Maple VIP operator reserves the final decision on the amount of the cost of rights.

All members and guests are conditioned by the regulations of Maple hotels.

Members agree to be full compensation and the Maple Palace Hotel management company , directors, agents, affiliates, suppliers from because of their violations of membership regulations, or because of its guests act or omission, caused by other services or the use of the maple leaf Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities or membership because of its and guest under any liability, claims, costs, damages and losses, including attorney's fees (for basis).

Members and guests at the Maple Palace Hotel personal safety by the member individual responsibility.

Membership code

Membership is not given to any member, member should not get Maple Palace Hotels’ any facilities, any fixed infrastructure, assets or equipment or any part thereof on the right, title or interest.

All use of Palace Hotel management company's hotel series product risk by members or guests themselves.

Maple Palace Hotel should not assume any goods series members, guests and other persons in the hotel during the destruction, loss, personal injury, illness and death of responsibility, whether due to (including but not limited to) members and / or guests (including Maple Palace Hotel series party deemed inappropriate behavior) of any act the use of the Maple Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities, and lead to deterioration or occurrence. Except the case court Palace Hotel management company's hotel series of negligence or applicable law expressly excluded.

Members agree to the Maple Palace Hotel management company's hotel series of negligence in death or personal injury, members and their guests because of membership or for having Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities and service, the cause of any economic losses (including but not limited to the income, profits, contracts, business and the expected return loss), reputation or loss of reputation, special or consequential damages, whether or not the members or guests, series of hotel Palace Hotel management company's will not take any contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence), contract or other statements (fraudulent statements except) the responsibility.

Without prior notice to the case, the maple VIP will have the right at any time to change or delete the decision of relevant regulations, rules and regulations, incentives, equity, terms and members enjoy the facilities, equipment used in content, and posted on the maple leaf Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities, released in Palace Hotel management company the hotel's website or in other hotel that inform the appropriate way of membership. Regardless of membership are aware, above changes have to date is specified effect.

If members do not agree with the relevant regulations, rules and regulations change, delete or change, can choose to terminate its membership. In this case, the maple leaf VIP will no refund, compensation or claim of responsibility. If member to continue to use the maple leaf Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities, is deemed to agree and accept the new rules and regulations.

The hotels has the right to series of hotel facilities for maintenance, maintenance, update, transformation and change the Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities management to close and cancel the right of members to use the facilities. In this case, the maple leaf VIP will have the right to suspend the member qualification, responsibility does not respond to the resulting damages or losses.

Maple VIP members have been mandated by the improved series, hotel products and services the hotel provides members with Maple Palace Hotel management company for hotel service purposes and / or promotion, in the hotel, when it deems necessary, the members of the use of personal information, save and offer including but not limited to the Palace Hotel series employees, agents or affiliates, partners and other personnel.

Maple VIP members and guests all during the Maple Palace Hotel series to carry goods storage, lost, stolen or damaged, hotels shall not be responsible for.

Members recognized and agreed with the maple VIP membership is not because of membership or members of Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities and services and create any partnership or agency.

According Maple membership to the clause to exercise their rights and / or claim, such as delayed or failed to exercise the rights or claims, does not imply the waiver of any rights.

If there is conflict between the regulations of different language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. Membership card is only Chinese card.

The terms of the Ordinance (including sometimes modify the terms of a VIP member) leaves the entire agreement between the membership, and replace the previous Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel and between members of all the membership of the written or oral agreement, understanding and arrangement.

Maple VIP members will by fax, e-mail, mail or that notice of any notification mode suitable membership. In the following cases deemed to be notification has been received.

a.From the Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel's computer to send an e-mail, deemed to receive;

b.Maple Palace Hotel management company's series of hotel facilities of fax confirmation report, as received;

c.Local mail, sent second working days as received, overseas mail, sent fifth working days as received.

Dear guest,

At first, thank you for your support of our hotels’ product. At this time we want to share our core product, Maple Palace membership, please spend your time to understand our special service system. In this booklet, you will know in detail the maple VIP Club and detailed service project, and you will enjoy the exclusive service etc.!

Try our best to make you enjoy your ordinary day, your life lively, the suffering of time become sweet precious, can put trivial things simple, all of these things are our pursue. Here, you can enjoy our activities, and make more friends. We are waiting for your joining.

Once again thank you for your trust, please believe, we will do the best for you!

Palace Hotel, you travel and meetings of experts!

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