Mile Hong He Gu Hot Springs Resort

Mile Hong He Gu Hot Spring belonging to the Palace Hotel Yunnan investment management group, It’s located in Mile County of Yunnan Province in Northeast rainwater reservoir (water pond), where fresh air, beautiful scenery, is the ideal choice for leisure, has all kinds of guest rooms, and also camping, dining, a luxury yacht, fishing etc.. Wild herbs, picnic, wild hot springs, warmly welcome your presence.

Hot Springs Contains selenium element.

Selenium containing hot spring

A. can prevent skin disease, promote wound healing, reduce the UV irradiation, the prevention and adjuvant treatment of joint diseases, hot springs bath selenium may play external function of selenium;

B. drinking selenium can meet the needs of human selenium, with the human body from the dietary intake of selenium functions the same. Drinking a moderate amount of selenium containing hot spring water to selenium health is good.

Address: Mile County, Honghe Prefecture fill reservoir rain     Tel:18887313380     Tel:400-0871-543    Fax:0871-65526868

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