Pingbian Maple Palace Da Wei Shan Hotel

Pingbian Maple Palace Da Wei Shan Hotel belong to the Palace Hotel investment management limited liability company, located in Pingbian County, Hong He Prefecture, Weiguo Road No. 51 (Education Bureau opposite), is set accommodation, catering, holiday, boutique business meeting integrated boutique club. The geographical position is superior, convenient shopping, tourism, from the mouth of about 2 hours drive from Da Wei Shan Area, 15 km, 32 km of Tianshengqiao cliff stone. The surrounding beautiful scenery, a wild profusion of vegetation, alpine Songzhi peaks over peaks, valleys resound, suspended springs and waterfalls, rinse it, murmuring brook crisscross paths, with Lin Tao with bird sound, everywhere Ying Danxia bamboo, tea forest hillside around the jade belt, spend splash the Xi Pan pile of clouds. Peripheral everywhere flowers, fresh air, often known as the "natural oxygen bar", let a person indulge in pleasures without stop.

Hotel have deluxe room, deluxe standard room, deluxe business suite of 48 rooms, the room facilities, wireless Internet, it also has a restaurant, conference rooms, parking and other facilities. Standardization, humanization services is to let you have the feeling of Guests feel at home. Pingbian Da Wei Shan hotel staff will have quality and considerate service, warmly welcome your presence.

Tel:0873-3227800 / 18608714819     Fax:0873-3229929

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