Kunming Maple Palace Hotel Kunming chenggong university city zhiyuan road 0871-68049800 Photos Introduction

The transportation is convenient

Lijiang Wangfu Hotel In accordance with the ancient city of lijiang in yunnan province south gate street 9 ancient alley 0888-5189666 Photos Introduction

Situated amid the many hotels and guesthouses of Lijiang, the Lijiang Wangfu hotel, with its simple and uncomplicated architecture, is charming and unique. Blending local cultures, with emphasis on the Naxi culture, the building style is representative of the ancient residential construction techniques.
Complete with small courtyards, gates, and waterside pavilions, the peaceful surroundings resemble a traditional Chinese landscape painting. The winding corridors and unique flora contribute to the atmosphere of quiet contemplation.
Combining the Naxi philosophies of simplicity of decoration and consideration of the environment, the Lijiang WangFu hotel provides the perfect setting in which to reflect and relax, making this the ideal place for a leisurely vacation.
One multi-functional hall can accommodate 150 people. The small meeting room can accommodates 30 people. Each provides projection, paper, a white board and white board markers. There are also 2 small meeting rooms, both of which can accommodate 10 people.
Managed by Lijiang Jingyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Opened in 2005

Kunming Wenhui hotel Kunming WuHua xuefu road no. 253 0871-65526868 Photos Introduction

Wenhui hotel is located in kunming, xuefu road, only 5 minutes drive distance from the zoo,green lark ; cultural heritage, the geographical position is superior.

昆明里兹米拉酒店 010-58732203 Photos Introduction

Sanya Kangte Palace Hotel Sanya Fenghuang road no. 220 0898-88203777 Photos Introduction

Convenient transportation and beautiful environment

福德堂喜乐院 010-58732203 Photos Introduction

Mile Hong He Gu Hot Springs Resort Mile county in yunnan province northeast of rain to fill the reservoir (hot pool) 153-9488-1256 Photos Introduction

Around the air is fresh, the scenery pleasant

建水竹叶轩客栈 010-58732203 Photos Introduction

枫叶王府康养公寓 010-58732203 Photos Introduction

Pingbian Maple Palace Da Wei Shan Hotel Honghe county wei road no. 51 (opposite side of the education bureau) 0873-3227800 Photos Introduction

Comprehensive boutique hotel

浦津庭苑客栈 010-58732203 Photos Introduction