Maple Palace Hotel Management Introduction

Group introduction

With our efforts, we have six management hotels, Wangfu Hotel of Lijiang, International Communication Center of Kunming Science and Technology University( Wenhui Hotel), Yunnan University of Nationalities International Cultural Exchange Center(Maple Palace Hotel), Kangte Palace Hotel of Sanya, Hainan province, Da Weishan Maple Palace Holiday Resort, Mile Honghe Village Holiday Resort., another beautiful Restaurant is Jingya, it’s located in the Dianchi dam quiet, and it has been one of the high-end restaurant in Kunming. The Stone Forest Hotel is being building.

These years, our company always doing the same thing, that is improve our management ability, and We train a large number of outstanding staff. Such as: the international golden key, The United States of America Hotel Association, registered senior occupation managers, American Hotel Association registered hotel industry, Hotel management supervision of Chinese excellent managers, Municipal Star assessors, Professional network marketing manager, GBSO quality certification internal auditor and other related departments to the professional member. Hotel staff is the most professional, undergraduate, professional hotel management professional personage, we reserve large amount of great excellent manager and staff. Today, the company's management level, management concept, human resources and brand effect has become mature, the majority of domestic and foreign tourists to the hotel's evaluation, believe that after five years, the "Maple Palace Hotel" will become a famous brand of hotel management China and even the world. 5 years, the company will plan the listing and financing, more power to more than 50 foreign investment management, foreign expansion of high Stars Hotel and apartments. And create a world with Chinese characteristics of hotel management brand.